Wednesday, May 20, 2009

Why do you want to go to New York?

(If I can cover beauty queens, I can cover this.)

Help me faithful Blog Mule readers.

PepsiCo is sponsoring a handful of journalists to head to NYC at the beginning of June to cover Internet Week.

I'm working on my application now, and since social media tools (blogs, Twitter, Facebook, cell phone cameras) let everyone become part of developing stories, I want to invite all of you to become part of my application.

Please please please answer this question in a comment to this post:

Why do you want to cover Internet Week NY for PepsiCo?

I'll use your responses in my application and be very grateful to all of you. If I get the gig, I might also end up staying with some of you in NYC.

More on the opportunity below. Thanks yall!

Join an elite team reporting on all the events and companies during Internet Week NY. PepsiCo will sponsor nine social media journalists to cover Internet Week across all digital platforms. Internet Week NY runs June 1-8. These communicators will file stories based on interviews, reporting, tweets and video/photo features, which will be redistributed as Internet Week content on a special section of and other digital platforms. Possible assignments include the CM Summit by Federated Media, the NY Tech Meetup, Digg Meetup and the Webby Awards. Communicators will receive an honorarium, an Internet Week press pass and a Flip Camera.

Submissions will be accepted May 15 until midnight on May 22. Applicants must be based in New York City or be willing to fund their own travel expenses there, and have professional journalism experience, currently be a journalism student or work as a social media professional. Each applicant must have demonstrated skill with digital media.

Submissions must include the following: 1 paragraph (250 words or less) stating why you want to do this; 1 tweet stating why you want to do this; link to your LinkedIn profile or your resume; 1 sample of work either 1 video, 1 podcast link, a set of photographs or a blog post (brevity is important here); confirmation that you have at least three of the following (or relevant equivalents): profiles on MySpace or Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube or a personal blog. Submissions should be sent to Selected participants will be notified by May 28.


Anonymous said...

Aaron brings a level of interest not otherwise seen via other outlets. Whether covering human interest, tech news, or even his own personal internalizations his writing flavor is uniquely his own. He writes with a humanistic and very real approach that is distinct; I enjoy reading all things Aaron.

Anonymous said...

Aaron is ahead of the newspapers in that he is multiplatformed and highly flexible. He's so tallented that he can tweet photos and blogs! It takes a hard worker like him not only to write and capture the moment in photos, but to release it into the nether world that is the internet. He does it all and anyone who wouldn't hire him would be a fool.

Aaron said...

Thanks to everyone on Facebook, Myspace, Twitter and right here at Blog Mule who helped with my application to cover Internet Week NY for Pepsi. I included everyone's comments as reasons why I should go out there, even Buddah's on Myspace that just said "balls...idk."

I should hear on Monday if they are sending me packing.

damion said...

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