Monday, May 11, 2009

Really sweet Mario video and cool photos too

My buddy over at 10,000 words :: where journalism and technology meet threw up this post on composite photography the other day. Some cool mash-ups.

Of course, the many ways to create a composite photograph are not lost on the folks at Blog Mule. We've stitched together photographs in Photoshop--like Dave's recount of a recent lunar eclipse, sent with the caption "Froze my butt off, but it was worth it;"

Or my happy mistake/multiple exposure experiment in the Holga.

But I really put this post together to share this video. It is a mash-up of 134 tries to beat a level in Mario. Just for the record, I probably would never beat this level. Then again, I gave up playing at Mario 3. The flying was too much for me. But this video is way cool.


Unknown said...

That eclipse sequence was one of my better PS mash-ups. Couldn't the DOD have called in one of their PS experts to do a shot of AF1 over Lady Libersy rather than scaring New Yorkers? Let's do a Blog Mule AF1 PS mash-up contest. Advanced PS skilz NOT preferred. Here's my (first) entry.

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