Monday, March 2, 2009

Surviving the Michigan Winter Beerfest

It's a Michigan thing.
It's a beer thing.
It's a Michigan beer thing.
How else could you convince hundreds of people to stand around in the parking lot of Fifth Third Ball Park in February?

Jessica French, co-owner of Ypsilanti tap houses The Sidetrack Bar and Grill and Frenchies and a Michigan beer expert, and I bundled up and saddled up to some of the best micro-brews in the state this past weekend during the Michigan Winter Beerfest. As a beerfest rookie, I learned a bit about how to survive the winter beer drink-a-thon.

First, have a plan.

Forty-two brewers showed up at the festival and brought with them somewhere around 230 different brews. You are not going to drink all of them...or are you?

Second, stay warm.

Wear hats: Be them red........................................or dead.

Warm jackets: When is that animal in season?

Facial hair: For those hard to reach cheeks (Seriously Andy, did I look like that?)

or to snuggle in.

And a really big fire.

Third, beer. Of course

That includes tokens to get beer...

Kegs to hold the beer...

And taps to pour the beer.

Look mom, no hands!

Beer+marshmallow+fire=Short's S'more stout.

Fourth, Food.
turkey-leg-animationBeer is good but better with food. Food is good but better when it is a giant turkey leg.

Fifth, friends.

Drinking alone is, well, drinking alone. Invite your friends, or make new ones.

Sixth, rest.

We suggest finding a more comfortable spot...

like the JW Marriott in downtown G Rap.

So that's it yall. Thanks to The Sidetrack for hooking me up for the weekend, and to Jessica for helping me rediscover a love for stouts.


ChelsFace said...

I thought that the girl laying on the ground was me for a second. I'm glad it wasn't... I didn't think I fell down at all.

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