Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Grand Rapids Press reports on Facebook update

This is not news.

From the Grand Rapids Press portion of the mystery of
GVSU student Derek Copp posts to Facebook page 'live in peace,' first message since shooting
Tuesday March 17, 2009, 3:23 PM

GRAND RAPIDS -- Derek Copp, the Grand Valley State University student shot during a drug raid at his apartment, recently posted an upbeat Facebook page message that calls for everyone to "live in peace."

Copp is recovering at Spectrum Health Butterworth Hospital from a bullet wound to the chest after a West Michigan Enforcement Team officer fired one shot at him during an evening raid last week.

"All we can do is hope, wait and live in peace" he wrote on his Facebook page Monday evening. "Soon things will change. Let's keep on supporting each other. Love always, for everyone."

But for the Grand Rapids Press, it was news on Tuesday. Part of me doesn't want to blast the Press for reporting on the Facebook update. I'm a journalist. I know what it is like, grinding it out, looking for stories, meeting quotas, satisfying a "news-now" culture. The article is not long and probably didn't take much time to put together. It updates the reader on a big news story and probably got the Press some much needed page views. After finding the story buried in my neglected Google Reader, I clicked on it twice today.

Still, it worries me that an update to a Facebook page was newsie enough to warrant a separate story, especially because on between March 17 and March 18, the Press posted 5 different stories about Copp. Couldn't the Facebook update been weaved into one of those stories.

And watch out when believing what you read on Facebook. If Calvin College has taught us anything, it is that sometimes, people login onto other people's Facebooks and write stuff.

All that aside, a reporter at the Press stumbled on this gem and blasted it over the Internet. I think the comments left below the story sum up people's reaction--and mine.

    Posted by sys700 on 03/17/09 at 3:43PM
    Who cares?

    Posted by buffaloBill7 on 03/17/09 at 3:49PM
    freedom loving Americans. that's who cares
    get well soon Derek!

    Posted by Nevrforgive on 03/17/09 at 3:57PM
    It is becoming very difficult to take this serious at all.

    The articles written by the GR Press are a joke.

    Tomorrow we will take a look at the facebook pages from the 20-year old former student and the 27-year old current student from yesterday's article. Please.

    You clowns must live in a very warm protected bubble. The general public is not interested in or supportive of this mind-numbing dribble.

    Posted by ferrisphil on 03/17/09 at 4:01PM
    You know it's getting ridiculous when the Press is writing articles about this kid posting facebook messages. I'm just as outraged about the shooting as anyone, but the Press is just getting annoying. I guess it's to be expected though...

    Posted by lookingout20 on 03/17/09 at 4:04PM
    OOOO I want to know if Derek went to the bathroom today.

Copp's page, according to the press, is open to members of his networks, including GVSU and Grand Rapids. Or you could just friend him.


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