Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Barbie turns 50...gets new tatt!

I wasn't going to blog about Barbie (the doll) turning 50, but then I overheard this conversation between the cook and the waiter at a small restaurant in Kalamazoo:
    Waiter: "Did you see the new version of the Barbie doll?"
    Cook: "No."
    Waiter: "They gave her a tramp stamp."
    Cook: "Really?"
    [Lengthy conversation ensues about whether it is funny/hilarious or awful/gross. Finally they waiter settles it.]
    Waiter: "It's funny, but it's awful. If I had a daughter...the last thing I need is my daughter to want to get a tramp stamp."
    Cook: "Dude, she's gonna want to get one anyway."

Yes. Barbie, the plastic doll whose hair you either combed affectionately or whose head you ripped off in an act of prepubescent (let's hope) rage, turned 50. To celebrate-in addition to "tricking out" Barbie's real-life Malibu Dream home, according to CNN.com, Mattel released "Tattoo Barbie" just a few days ago. The doll features a tatt on her lower back.

So I guess when you reach your mid-life crisis and already have your man (Ken), an awesome best friend (Skipper), tons of pink convertibles and dream homes on every beach and in nearly every living room in the world, you get a tramp stamp.

It's a big year for bombshells turning 50, some even made of just as much plastic as Barbie. From AARP Magazine, the following hotties will hit the big 5-0 this year:
    Ellen DeGeneres
    Sharon Stone
    Michelle Pfeiffer

Wonder what they will get for their 50 birthdays?

[explicit language below, may not be suitable for teens/tweens]

The German slang for the tramp stamp is Arschgeweih, which translates into ass antlers. Love zee Germans.


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