Monday, February 23, 2009

Vote for me! [via voting for Leah]

Okay, so this really isn't about me.

Leah D'Emilio is the host of the yet to be seen television coverage of the World Series of Beer Pong IV. She also hosts Mahalo Daily which features the tongue in cheek "This Week in YouTube."

So why does Blog Mule care? Because Blog Mule is all about shameless self-promotion. So maybe I lied, this is sort of about me.

In Leah's video, you'll notice that she uses photos that are "Courtesy of Andy Aupperlee." That's right. Courtesy of ME. You have to watch the video in HD to clearly see this, but trust me, it's there.

Since Leah is obviously a fan of 'The Explosion,' why don't you help her out and send her to Australia. Check out the details on her blog, The Dealio.

And remember, if you want Blog Mule to blurb about you, blurb about us. Blog Mule loves blurbing back.

We will also blog about anyone that buys a t-shirt (Explosion 5000 or Blog Mule) and sends us a picture with it on. Capitalism yall!


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