Monday, February 9, 2009

Snow, the economy and beef jerky...with a British accent

One of my favorite XM satellite radio stations is BBC Radio One (XM channel 29), a new addition to the XM family after the merger with Sirius. It's a delayed feed of the popular British pop station so I get all the edgy Brit-pop I can handle and wacky DJs who spell color with a 'u' and don't talk right at all.

It is so much better than the deadpan music wonks who trudge through their ultra-personal record collections on XMU.

So, in my best British accent, I present: Did you know?

DYK: In Britain, no one gets "laid off." Instead they get "made redundant."

Once redundant, you can apply for redundancy and get redundant pay. And of course, all of this and more is available at your local Office of Redundancy (actually called the Redundancy Payments Office, probably to avoid snickering).

I am not sure whether I would rather be made redundant or get laid off. Which one stings more? But I will tell you this, I had a lot more fun listening to a financial call-in show with several Brits saying "I just got made redundant" than the daily NPR "I just got laid off" mantra.

DYK: Brits don't know what beef jerky is and think it is probably disgusting.

How wrong/right they are. One night after the Super Bowl, two DJs were remarking about the ads. Somehow, beef jerky came up and one DJ asked, "What is that? It sounds like tough, rancid meat." Apparently they don't slap into slim jims in the UK.

And finally, DYK: it snowed in the UK, and no one knew what to do about it.

To give people ideas, on DJ asked listeners to make specific animals out of snow (anything but a snowman) and send in the pictures. You can view the snow sculptures here.

Oh those Brits. Islands of fun.


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