Monday, February 9, 2009

Is the masked blogger gimmick replacing masked DJs?

"I think I am just kind of like a link between 'high-level ideas' and 'people who only have a high school education.'"

The Village Voice asked Carles of Hipster Runoff for a photo. This is what he sent them. Dedicated (read obsessed) readers of HRO will appreciate the masked DJ reference, the contrasting Apple MacBooks and the Ted Kaczynski-ish rustic table. While Carles is hesitant to reveal much about himself, the not-so-surprising news from the Village Voice article is that he is remarkably like his readers:
I am a pretty standard bro. I grew up in suburbia and recently graduated from business school. I now have a "job that I hate" and doesn't really "allow me to express myself." But my day is pretty much taken up by my "real job." I am hoping that ad money will enable me to quit soon.
The interview does reveal Carles's motivation for transitioning his site to broader music and social criticism from its origins as a simple mp3 blog. He talks about how he tries to view artists and music from a consumer perspective, as if he were evaluating them as a product on Overall, the interview provides a rare, however modestly guarded, insight into the man behind one of the most bloggable blogs of the last six months.

Read more of Rob Harvilla's interview at Hipster Runoff Explained (Maybe).


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