Thursday, February 19, 2009

In the news: SHEEP!

Annie, the guard dog, leads part of Kelly Ward's flock of Blueface Leicaster sheep back to the barn. More sheep photos at bottom of post and here.

Born and bred for winter: Area sheep thrive in the cold
Saturday, February 14, 2009

Special to Hometown Gazette

Outside Kelly Ward's barn, atiny lamb, just weeks old, plopped down in the snow. It was cold outside, in the 20s at the most, and just a few feet away from the lamb stood a warm barn full of comfy straw. But the lamb was not tempted.

"Look at that little lamb lying out there," Ward said, pointing to the tiny white animal among the snow. "Just as happy as a clam."

The lamb, and nine others, was born a few weeks ago at the Schoolcraft farm. Weighing around 14 pounds at birth, the lambs will venture outside into the cold within a day of their birth, staying close to their mothers but braving the elements.

In their new wool sweaters, licked clean by their mother immediately after birth, the lambs are doing just fine, Ward said.

"Mine usually like to lamb in February, and it works just fine as long as they get a full belly and a lot of milk," she said.



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