Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Have an old VW? Hang it from a bridge.

Students from the University of British Columbia tried to suspend the shell of Volkswagen Beetle earlier this month, but it fell.

The failed stunt is part of a tradition at UBC to show off engineering prowess. The students should have taken a few classes first.

According to police, the students had trouble with the cables, which apparently broke, and the bug plunged into the Burrard Inlet beneath the Ironworkers Memorial Bridge. The students were arrested and will probably face a $5,000 fine, the Canadian Press reported.

The president of the UBC engineering undergraduate society, Chris McCann, was not happy.
"It's not a very clever way of pulling something off. If you're going to put all the effort into planning something like this, usually you'd hope that students ... really show people that engineers can do things creatively, innovatively, and make people look at it and say, 'wow.' ... It makes my day a lot more of a pain in the ass."
No one was hurt, unless you count the VW.


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