Thursday, February 19, 2009

Beer and Kid Rock saving Michigan

Imagine this: Aaron walks into a room full of people. Raise your hand if you like beer? Every hand in the room shoots up. Now keep your hands up if you like Michigan? A few drop, they are unemployed, drive Chevys or are cold. Now keep your hands up if you also like Kid Rock? Hands drop like jobs in Detroit. A few remain, but they will soon be laughed out of the room.

But really, it's not so funny. Kid Rock has decided to get into the beer business, brewing it in addition to drinking it, and chose Michigan as his base of operations. According to a Detroit Free Press article, the Michigan Brewing Company and Kid Rock have shacked up to brew in Weberville, Mich. and create some 400 jobs in the process.

Bobby Mason, the owner-brewer at the Michigan Brewing Co. in Webberville, said he hoped to have the new Kid Rock branded beer on the shelves by mid-springtime. The beer’s name, style, and pricing are yet to be decided. Kid Rock himself is working closely with Mason on the design, naming, and style of the beer, Mason said.

“He’s working on designing the beer, he’s giving me direction, he’s tasting the beers,” Mason said. “It’s his idea, it’s his concept. I’m just working with him to make it happen.”

Move over Granholm. Kid Rock in 2010!


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