Monday, February 23, 2009

25 Things (I've blogged about)

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Just when you thought this whole "25 Things" nonsense had run its course, I think of a way to revive it. You may already be aware, but between my two blogs, I talk about pretty much everything that matters. Yes, it takes only two blogs to summarize the most pressing issues in our world. The Andy Aupperlee Explosion 5000 features original photography and tales of the photographic pursuit. Blog Mule features everything else.

Some of you actually read these blogs. I find that incredible. A few of you have been blogged about. And a small handful of you even leave comments. OMFG, comments!

For those of you less familiar with these two impressive ways to waste your boss's time at work, allow me to highlight 25 things I've blogged about:

1. Asia. Went there. Took a bunch of pictures. Now can start sentences with "well, when I was in Phnom Penh..." Explosion 5000: Asia.

2. Oktoberfest. Brought along thousands of dollars of camera gear, got hammered, got cut off and didn't break anything (amazing). Who doesn't love Leavenworth between September and November? Explosion 5000: Oktoberfest.

3. Marijuana and Amway. Saw some show about weed and they mentioned Amway. Thought I should blog it—for Ada's sake. Blog Mule: Mary Jane/Amway.

4. PhotoAup. The man. The myth. The number 1 commenter in Blog Mule history. I've paid tribute to my father by blogging about him on my shitty blog. You're welcome, Dad! Explosion 5000: Dave Aupperlee.

5. The Best Album of 2009. Dan Deacon's new album, Bromst, is amazing. I gushed and gushed about it on the Mule. Blog Mule: Dan Deacon.

6. Fleet Foxes. I've blogged about these hippies bearded dudes 8 times. Am I in love with them? Find out. Explosion 5000: Fleet Foxes and more at Blog Mule: Fleet Foxes.

7. Brett Catlin. Of course I've blogged about Brett. In a reader's poll, he was voted Explosion 5000 dot com's most eligible animated GIF file. Way to go, Florida! Explosion 5000: TALK 2 ME ABOUT ARPLNS.

8. These stupid 25 things lists. Kind of makes you wonder if I'm doing this just to be a jackass. However, if I'm spending this much time on it, I must be serious? Hmm. Blog Mule: Facebook Done Right.

9. Alan Mulally. The greatest leader of our time. Period. Explosion 5000: Alan Mulally Blurb.

10. Starfucker. You have to love Starfucker. The name is so much fun to say. Just ask my Aunt Sue! Explosion 5000: Starfucker and extensive coverage at Blog Mule: Starfucker.

11. How to listen to KEXP on your iPhone. People around the world tend to Google themselves onto the Mule because of this post. Blog Mule: KEXP/iPhone.

12. Seattle. I love taking pictures of my city. Here's a favorite. Explosion 5000: Dr. Jose Rizal Park.

13. The Best YouTube Video Ever: Kittens! I watch this about 5 times a day. I know you do too. Blog Mule: Magic!.

14. Being in National Geographic. Okay, so it was National Geographic Traveler. Okay okay, so it was the ONLINE National Geographic Traveler. Still. It was MOTHER FUCKING NATIONAL GEOGRAPHIC! Blog Mule: Published by National Geographic Yall!.

15. Seattle going bonkers for Obama. Did you expect anything less? I didn't. So glad that I don't have to pay my mortgage/rent/credit card/utilities/strippers since O took office. Awesome. Explosion 5000: Election Night in Seattle.

16. Me being a minister. "Yes, Andy really did that." -Dave & Karen to all my relatives wanting to know WTF I was doing at an alter. Explosion 5000: Josh & Andrea Get Married by Me.

17. Sharat. In 2008, a lot of people emailed me at andy [at] to say "WE WANT MORE SHARAT!" Here's giving the people what they want: every post that mentions our favorite dude with long hair and glasses. Explosion 5000: Sharat.

18. The BOSS. I live tweeted Bruce Springsteen's entire Super Bowl halftime performance. It's a goddam work of art. Blog Mule: Live tweeting the Super Bowl.

19. Drinking beer out of shoes. Seattle has plenty of places to order a tall, refreshing boot of beer. No one does it better than us. Explosion 5000: A Birthday in Three Acts.

20. Fireworks. I had a beer in one hand, and a remote shutter release in the other hand—what a country. Explosion 5000: Smoke Flowers.

21. Kay Kay and his Weathered Underground. This is one of my favorite bands. Period. Oh, and what do you know? They are from SEATTLE, WASHINGTON. Explosion 5000: Kay Kay live at Neumos.

22. Sunsets. Guilty. I love getting all nerdy with a bag full of Nikon gear as the sun disappears for the day. Explosion 5000: Sunsets.

23. Beer Pong. I covered the World Series of Beer Pong IV in Las Vegas, Nevada. See, I told you... "most pressing issues of our world." Explosion 5000: WSOBP IV.

24. Photography Gear. Sometimes I pretend to be Ken Rockwell (don't we all) and write about camera gear. Blog Mule: Nikon Announces 35mm f/1.8 DX Prime Lens.

25. Freak Shows. What's a blog without weirdos? Not sure that it's even possible to be on the internet without these guys. Explosion 5000: U District Street Fair.

By now you're probably like, 'WTF Andy?! I want some new The Andy Aupperlee Explosion 5000!' Don't worry, the leg is almost healed up and I'll be shooting again soon. Until then, thanks for indulging these "classics" with me.

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