Thursday, January 15, 2009

Turn your music library DRM free

Now that iTunes is offering DRM free downloads, what about the gigs of DRM-infected music you already have?

No worries, iTunes has got you covered...for a small fee.

Upgrade to iTunes Plus and Apple will convert all your DRM media to DRM-free media for $.30 a song, 30 percent the album cost or $.60 a music video.

You have to rebuy your media, at a discount, but get to do whatever you want with it. The choice of yours.

It's super easy. In the "Quick Links" section of the iTunes Store, click on "Upgrade to iTunes Plus" and you are rolling.

For more help, use this site.


Andy said...

I did this a few days ago. It cost me about $130, but it seems like a smart move if it means I can get another 5-10 years of life from my digital library. Not only are the tunes DRM free, they are also at a higher bit rate. Nice.

oldschool said...

The record labels completely mismanaged this thing from the beginning. What's worse is most people don't know or care about the quality of the files they are buying. I understand we are splitting hairs once we get to a certain bit rate, but the record labels devalued their own product by selling crappy quality, restricted files for about the same price of a CD, which is still a higher quality.

Shouldn't record labels be at the forefront of quality control instead of greed? Walk into any Best Buy and tell me how long it takes until you are barraged with HD TV equipment. What makes music any different?

The movie and TV industries have educated their customers to make them want a better quality product. As a consumer I can choose the upgrade or not. Most music consumers don't even know what their options are or that they are missing out on certain frequencies of the songs they bought because it came as a 160kps DRM file.

deep breathe ... sorry for the rant but this something important to me.

damion said...

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