Monday, January 26, 2009

This mule has moved...Kalamazoo

Hey yall.

Update from Aaron. On Sunday I moved into an apartment in Kalamazoo, Mich. For those who don't remember Aaron about two years ago, I graduated from Kalamazoo College and sort of think of Kalamazoo as my second home. Sorry Barstow, you're are maybe a third home, possibly fourth. Erlangen, Germany was pretty sweet!

It all came together fast. I responded to a posting on Craigslist looking for to sublease a studio apartment and before I knew it, I was signing leases and making moves.

Of course, there is a story here. The studio originally belonged to Brandon. He'll be big someday. Brandon is a Western Michigan graduate and musician. He also knows PJ Roberts (facebook / myspace) and has heard of Andy Szumoski (myspace). He said I looked like a taller PJ. A compliment, right?

Brandon took a job playing music on cruise ship and had to get out of Kalamazoo. I stepped in and took over the studio, a pre-ordained creative space.

The apartment is small. If anyone remembers Andy's first place in Chicago, imagine his kitchen and the room where his desk was. That's it. My place is sparse now, a bed and a dresser, but Recycle Rob is hooking me up with some furniture, and it should closely resemble the Douglas room soon.

Now you are asking, how is Aaron going to make rent each month? Good question. The Kalamazoo Gazette and a business journal in town have taken me on a freelancer. And it looks like I will be delivering subs for Jimmy Johns. Tall Deep hooked me up with that. It will be interesting.

But I'm glad to be back in Kalamazoo. Sitting at Fourth Coast right now, making use of their WiFi, many found memories (hello plant!) come back. This city is extremely walkable, which, after being in the traffic locked state of Southern California, I am looking forward to.

I'll post more photos of the place once I figure out where I packed the card reader I stole from dad. Thanks dad!

Until then, please come visit. I have lots of floor.

Oh yeah...If you live in the Kalamazoo area and have story ideas, hit me up. I need the work.


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