Saturday, January 3, 2009

I tried to warn you....methanol is scary

So it looks like three West Michigan men decided to make a methanol martini with tragic results.

Toxic homebrew of methyl alcohol kills Hart man
by The Grand Rapids Press
Friday January 02, 2009
OCEANA COUNTY -- A Hart man died and two of his friends were hospitalized after the men drank highly toxic methyl alcohol this week, and police are trying to determine where the homemade brew came from.

Two others were injured, but you have to read the article to know that. People don't read articles anymore; they just read blogs. That's why I can't find a job.

I blogged about methanol martinis at methanol martini back in November to alert the public to the health risks. From the blog:

JUST KIDDING. Don't drink methanol kids. Scientist Dave Aupperlee says it makes you go blind, and they make you drink ethanol to get rid of it.

:x Gross :x

Stick 2 PBR/Sparks.

Sad to see that someone died. Doubt he read my blog. Could have saved him.

Scientist Dave Aupperlee says methanol hasn't been used for antifreeze in years like the article states. Scientist Dave is really smart.


Unknown said...

This is Scientist Dave, kids. Even though methanol is no longer used in antifreeze, please don't drink antifreeze. Automotive antifreeze contains diethylene glycol which can shut your kidneys down faster than you can say "hemodialysis". Also, diethylene glycol was found as an ingredient in toothpaste produced in China. Not good. So avoid any brand of toothpaste that advertises that it is "good to -40 F".

jos said...

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