Sunday, January 4, 2009

Michigan: America's High Five

Best t-shirt ever!


The shirt was created before Proposal 1, but after 2,557,410 Michigan voters said "Yeah, you can smoke pot if your hurt, feeling down, suffer from chronic pain from snowboarding and rollerblading," this past November...a must have.

The shirt is like a walking scene from that Borat movie - "High five [in that annoying accent]." I propose anyone seeing this shirt in real life must give the wear a high five. And who doesn't appreciate a high five now and then.

Let's face it, Michigan did not have its best year ever in 2008, but the state is still pretty bad-ass. We've got lakes, four seasons, an Upper Penisula, and it is where the cast of Blog Mule grew up.

I first encountered the logo - not the t-shirt - at The Meanwhile, a bar on Wealthy Street. They sell the shirt there, if you are G RAP bound and interested.

Cool place, The Meanwhile. Paul and I were looking for a place to drink late Saturday night, and he recommended The Meanwhile.

The bar is dark and smokey with an eclectic jukebox and cheap drinks (pitcher of PBR for $4). My first comment was, "Alright, a real bar," a welcomed change from the bar scene in downtown Grand Rapids. Paul said it reminded him of bars in Cleveland. Even only in our mid-20s, we felt old at the bar. I think it is because of our bland cloths and lifestyles. It did not meld with the Grand Rapids artistic/meaningful elite.

The bar also hosts a film series at the nearby Wealthy Theater. On Jan. 6 they are showing the David Lynch film "Wild at Heart." I've never heard of the film. Then again, I'd never heard of The Meanwhile until last night.

Anyone down for a drink?

Back to the t-shirt, in action:

And the best part, I went to college with this kid. Love it!


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