Monday, January 26, 2009

Go! Huskies! Go! FHN grad making not-so-good news

I like to stay current on famous Forest Hills Northern graduates. I feel it is my duty as the Class of 2002's president.

Like Johnny Benson, who graduated in 1981 and won the NASCAR Craftsman Truck series last year. Way to go Johnny!

Today, another grad made headlines.

Kent County developer James Rosendall pleads guilty in Detroit sludge recycling scandal
by Ed White | The Associated Press
Monday January 26, 2009, 4:43 PM

DETROIT -- An Alpine Township developer pleaded guilty Monday to federal bribery conspiracy, admitting to a multiyear scheme to win a sludge recycling contract through cash and trips for Detroit officials. Jim Rosendall's cooperation with the FBI led prosecutors to recommend a sentence of no more than 11 months in prison, well below the five-year maximum.

Rosendall graduated from Northern in 1983 and later took officials from the D to boxing matches and other tomfolleries in Las Vegas. Unnamed officials in Detroit were more than happy, it appears, to accept the free trips to Sin City and award Rosendall's company a huge contract to build the sludge center.

The big question is: Detroit vs. Chicago?
Trying to sell Obama's Senate seat or trying to sell a load of crap.

By the way, sludge recycling is basically piling up human waste and letting it compost before using it as fertilizer. Ask folks in Hinkley about that.


Andy said...

Still rocking the FHN Class of '83 haircut too. Radical.

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