Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Dan Deacon's Bromst out March 24, Get Older MP3

Dan Deacon has announced a release date of March 24, 2009 for Bromst, the follow up to 2006's Spiderman of the Rings. Deacon told Baltimore City Paper that he thinks Bromst is more of an album:
"It carries different; the sum of its parts make it strong. [Spiderman Of The Rings] just wasn't as much of an album as it was a collection of songs."

"Get Older," the closing track of Bromst, has leaked and is available on imeem. While it is certainly nothing like Spiderman's closer, "World Of Hair," I am impressed by Deacon's composition. Woven with acoustic instruments and Deacon's trademark electronics, the song has a deliberate direction which is a testament to Deacon's aptitude as a composer. He is more than delivering on his musical goal (as explained to Coastal Sunrise on Channel 3 in Ohio):
"I try to write music that I think, if like really cool six year olds got together, and had this stuff, and they were like let's write the most awesome music ever."

Get Older - Dan Deacon


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