Sunday, December 14, 2008


Las Vegas was once thought to be a recession-proof oasis, but it appears that, like the global economie, the Vegas economie also needs a band-aid. When a few of us descend on said city in a few weeks, we might be confronted with a unique opportunity - experiencing Sin City at half capacity. I can only imagine the great photo opportunities we might encounter. Looking forward to it!

I like "The Blog Mule." Does the name have any historical context, or does the subtitle say it all?

How'd I do on the tags?


Steve said...

i saw a nightly news report about $3.95 all-you-can-eat buffets in vegas. so there's that.

Aaron said...

But mosquitoes and the West Nile love the recession. They are booming. Reports were always coming down from Vegas about abandoned pools turned breeding grounds.

At least someone (or some mosquitoes) are still hooking up in Vegas.

I'll give the blog a preliminary report on Vegas when I fly there on Tuesday.

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