Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Starfucker on Oregon Public Broadcasting

Can't wait to see Starfucker at The Vera Project on December 27th or for NYE at Backspace in P-town? Check out an interview they did with OPB last month. Highlights include live performances of several tracks not on their album (Boy Toy and Ahhz) and an explanation of their glorious name.

Photo by Jason Quigley


jessica jane said...

seriously? No Am Appy zip up hoodies? h8 you blogmule.

Andy said...

Blog Mule=SFW alternative to HRO in 2k9.
Is our blog cool enough to have (non-n00d) Am Appy ads yet? I mean, we are blogging about Starfucker for neon's sake!

Aaron said...

We all know Andy loves blogging about Starfucker, (known as Starf'er around the house during Christmas) but what does the name mean?

My dad and I might have stumbled across a potential meeting while watching a 2005 episode of "Entourage." In the episode, Vince and the crew are looking for a house. They decide on a house way out of their price range, but the Realtor thinks the owner will negotiate.

"She's a real star fucker," the Realtor said.

So...starfucker = someone who will negotiate on the price of a house. To use it in a sentence: I hope I deal with a starfucker when I buy a house.

What does Starfucker mean?
What does Starf'er mean to you?
Have you ever ridden the Star Ferry in Hong Kong?
Do you think Starfucker and the kids from Entourage are friends?
If they went out in Hollywood, where would they go?
If they went out in Portland, where would they go?
If they went out in (insert your town or neighborhood), where would they go?

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