Sunday, December 14, 2008

Lazy Sunday Music Review

Ok, so this guy is the shit. I'm sure you've heard the buzz about him, but I have to post this just in case you missed the boat. 
Watch the video and listen to the lyrics. We'll discuss afterwards.

A couple of things that I love about this video. It shows far we've come as a country from our roots during the civil war days. First of all, I don't think there was internet back then, so for someone like Samwell to record a song, make a video, and post it up for the world to see wasn't really feasible during that period. Second, he's a black man. Powerful statement. Finally, he's publicly professing his love for the chocolate highway. Radical.

FYI, this is the kind of shit I'd like to post. Stuff that will make you laugh, cry, cringe, etc. I have some thoughts on some potential recurring blog subjects. What do you guys think of me posting up after I visit my pharmacist at the medicinal care center? I could take pictures and review the strain, as well as review the facility. Is that overboard? I would do it for sure if people didn't know it was me posting, but I'm a little leery having people know who is behind the posts.

Too bad on the snowboard gear, Steve. I'm thinking of meeting Andy up on some ski trip his friends are planning in a couple months. You should go and just rent some equipment for the weekend.

I'm down with 'blog mule.' Initially, I wasn't a fan, but it's growing on me.


Josh said...

HA! I haven't seen that video in years! Who the hell is jief75?

Alex said...

I think he's a ghey.

Josh said...

I think he is your ghey alter-ego.

Andy said...

Alex, did you edit this? I bet your favorite part is the fireworks scene.

Steve said...

the thing is, with the flaming cross at the beginning of the video, i think alex's analysis is actually merited. i think samwell consciously inverted the historical flaming cross to be a "flaming" cross.

Aaron said...

i thought the cross meant it was the beginning of a Justice music video, and i got excited.

boy was i wrong. ...and no longer excited.

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