Saturday, December 13, 2008

I got a new bike

As some of you might already know, my bike (which was the second most important thing in my life) was stolen last week while it was locked up on CSU campus and, ironically, as I was inside the library posting pictures of the damn thing on Facebook. Don't trust cable locks yall! Fortunately for me, because I had invested in renter's insurance after my storage unit was broken into while I studied in Buenos Aires during 2005, my bike was covered under the policy and I was provided with a check for the replacement value of the bike. Now a 2009 Surly Steamroller sits on my front porch and is locked to the wooden railing with a massive 10 lb Kryptonite chain. Try to snip that you dirty theives! The factory-built Steamroller will never replace the sentimental value that I associated with old Fuji Regis, which was an amalgomation of choice parts - the frame was given to me by an old friend, the brooks b-15 saddle was so nicely broken-in (mind you that particular saddle isn't even made anymore), and it took me years to buy the Ultimate Power wheels and Capagnolo crankset that rounded out the unique, fast, and comfortable build. Not to detract from the radness of the Steamroller, it provides an ultra-light and extremely fast ride; it even conforms to track racing specs so, the next time I get to Colorado Springs, I can burn some laps inside a Velodrome. So, as my first Blog Mule post, I pay my respects to the old and give thanks to the new that has put me back on the road...


Andy said...



Glad to hear you are pedaling again, Josh. I have yet to bring my Marin into the shop since snapping the chain. Even though it is below freezing here in DC, I am itching to get out on the bike again.

Alex said...

Please post pics of new bike. That sucks you got your bike jacked. That thing was nice!
I haven't been riding enough either. I'll hop on the saddle more after the new year.

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