Saturday, December 20, 2008

How far would you drive for Girl Talk?

Girl Talk, as the pc-using pop mash-up star Gregg Gillis, is playing a show in Columbus, OH in January at the Newport Music Hall. It is five hours and 25 minutes from my house. Would you drive to Columbus to see Girl Talk?

Here is a video that I think accurately shows what a Girl Talk show would be like.

I only know two people who have been to a Girl Talk show, Andy and Sharat. Sharat doesn't talk about it. Must have been too moving. Andy said that the crowd goes crazy and people dance up on stage with Greg and his PCs.

Should I drive to Columbus for Girl Talk?
Should I ever drive to Columbus for anything?
How far would you drive for Girl Talk?
How far would you drive for animal style fries?
Should I buy shutter shade glasses to protect my eyes at the concert?

Need your help yall.


Steve said...

you should drive to columbus in order to eat at the world's first wendy's.

Steve said...

oh. it closed.

Aaron said...

Everything is closing in the Midwest. I can't wait until the close Detroit - the whole city.

Anonymous said...

aaron, the last girl talk show i went to was one of the craziest nights since wild turkey weekend. If you want to go I am so so so in!

Steve said...

detroit stopped the belle isle grand prix. major events are closing with the notion that these are just hiatuses, for a year or two. i don't know. detroit just feels heavy, there is so much weight hanging over everything, like if you had to walk inside a mainframe every time you wanted to use your laptop.

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