Monday, December 15, 2008

Global warming?

Front page news in Barstow today: SNOW.

Snow sticks in Barstow, closes roads.

photo by
Abby Sewell, staff photograher

BARSTOW • A rare snowfall closed down Fort Irwin Road Monday morning and left a blanket on the ground in Barstow.

Andrew Gorelow, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Las Vegas, said the last reported snow flurries in the Barstow area occurred on March 10, 2006. The last reported accumulation in Barstow, of one inch of snow, was on Dec. 11, 1985, and the record accumulation was nine inches on Dec. 15, 1967.

Gorelow said Monday's rare weather event was caused by a combination of a cold low pressure system coming out of the Pacific Northwest and moisture coming off of the Pacific Ocean.

Pretty much all of my friends that have jobs in Barstow stayed home because of the snow. They spent the day sending me picture messages of the white stuff.

Bonus pics from a snowy day in the desert. (most of the pictures were taken from inside buildings suggesting that people in Barstow do not venture outside in the snow).

out of place. /from Heather's myspace page

I think that is a pickle for the mouth. /from Jeff's myspace page


Unknown said...

Here's a take on global warming from a co-worker who has been in Russia for the past few weeks adopting a child:

"I always envisioned Moscow as being very cold in the winter. It's been unseasonably warm during our time here, and I'm sure that it is cold outside during a normal winter. What I'm equally sure of is that it is never cold inside anywhere in Moscow that I've been. There is some sort of centralized heating system for the city and heat is very inexpensive. Because of that, people take full advantage of it and it is hot (not warm, hot) in every indoor venue that we've been in.

As an aerosol chemist, my profession takes a lot of heat for the global warming issue (pun intended!). I would like to propose an alternate theory to the hole in the ozone layer. Heat is so affordable here that many places have windows and doors open even now, in the middle of December. When approaching the entrances to the Metro, you can literally feel the blast of heat coming out when you are still twenty yards away. My alternate theory is that Moscow has so much heat escaping from it that it is causing the temperature to rise worldwide!"

So there ya go, Mr. Gore.

Steve said...

would this be david A? if so, hi mr. aupperlee, hope you're doing well.

i was hoping it was a stranger so i could get rude about the ozone thing... even though he/she was joking about moscow, your colleague might be a little confused, b/c nobody thinks the hole in the ozone layer is a cause of global warming. the ozone hype was a late '80s fear of skin cancer, at a time when other concerns like acid rain, recycling, and species extinction were starting to get attention, so it sticks in our minds as the beginning of the environmental debate about our atmosphere, but it has nothing to do with climate. GW is a matter of too much C02, methane, and other greenhouse gases trapping heat in the lower atmosphere (not a hole at the top letting heat in).

but that was fun to read about moscow anyhow. i'd like to go there someday. i was going to put a link here to (a very fun, cynical expat magazine based in moscow), but their site seems to be down right now.

Steve said...

oh, here's why... it closed after 10 years because the kremlin cracked down on something they published:

Unknown said...

Hey Steve. Yup, the one and only David A. I think my colleague was a bit confused, mixing two "end of the earth as we know it" scenarios. We all know that our ultimate demise will be at the hands (or appendages)of killer robots.

Steve said...

good point. i wonder how long it will be before a US president says the term "killer robot" during a national address or press conference of any sort. i figure sometime in the next 30 years.

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