Monday, December 15, 2008

Binge Drinking in Seattle

At first, I thought this might be Sharat. Or maybe Alex took an unannounced vacation to Seattle.

Line Out: Letter from a Binge Drinker


Aaron said...

The best part was the Makers Mark ad that loaded next to the letter. Definitely the work of Sharat, including the part about the dresser.

Who thinks he will stick to not drinking for a month? Bet he went out and got drunk the night after writing the letter.

Actually, he posted a video about George Brett pooping his pants.

"I'm good twice a year for that. When was the last time you shit your pants? Been awhile?" George Brett of the Kansas City Royals

Josh said...

I miss nights like that. I want to hang out with this bro.

Nice George Brett reference Aaron!

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