Sunday, December 14, 2008

Being Up at 6 AM Has its Benefits

I'm up early, trying to get the motivation to write a 'week in review' for my china site, and PBS is on, because it's sort of like white noise, even when Bill Moyers is reminding you that the administration has violated the Magna Carta.

Anyway, after Bill, this came on:

Basically, I think this video demonstrates why we are the last awesome generation: the non-Disney childhood in the 1980s (and not the drugged-out faux nostalgic MGMT version of it). Either that, or I'm just up too early.

But Sesame Street is still pretty cool nowadays. In a segment on camouflage, a girl says to a red monster, "If I were your color, then I could camouflage up with you."

Then there's a claymation of Bert and Ernie as cavemen, and Ernie is listening to an iPod going, "Baba Wu Bagua" which everyone knows is Mandarin for "My father Wu gossips."

Ok, I'll stop now. I meant to reply to Alex by email, but since we're already starting here, hey what's up. I've been hearing cool things about the movie business. I would like to say we should go snowboarding again sometime, but it turns out my dad took it out of the garage and sold it at a swap meet. Boots too.

Go blog mule! I like the name. Also, how should I classify this post? I'm going with "media," I think.


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