Saturday, December 13, 2008

And we're off...

Hey Team,

I know most of you are logging on and thinking, "WTF, this doesn't look like Blogshaft?"

Well, "Blogshaft" was a lot easier to design in Illustrator than it was to recreate via a CSS template. I'm working on it though. Over the course of the next few weeks this site will undergo massive redesigns.

In the coming days I plan to:
  • setup as the official address of this blog
  • activate Google Analytics
  • activate StatCounter
  • make incremental template improvements
  • delete these early setup posts
In the meantime, I encourage everyone to start blogging and exploring this space. It'll take us a little while to develop a chemistry, so we might as well do it while the blog is in the beta stages.

Here's a link to the Google Doc that roughly outlines the classification structure of posts:

And don't worry, if you come up with a really good post before this blog is "officially" live, it won't be lost in the transition. Although the look will change over the coming weeks, all of our content will stay put.

Happy blogging.


PS - The order for is in at 1&1. We should be setup to use it by the end of the weekend.


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